01 January 2013

"This is Your Year"

You know what I love most about blogs? They are time capsules. These simple posts and pictures illuminate the lives of both writer and reader. I was reading this post this morning and I was smiling to myself as I too recalled the highlight's of Kelle's year. I had moments of, "oh yes, that's right! Aw, I remember that photo". Even though I was not there personally there to share in her greatest moments of 2012, I still could share her joy. So I thought to myself, how many moments of my life have I lost to the dusty, unorganized shelves of my mind? How soon will I forget the laughter, the tears, the joy and the fear. How much of 2012 will be lost? So I must write. I must share. I want to look back and smile at the moments saved within my time capsule.

As I wished my father a happy new year this morning, he said to me "Happy New Year, and what a great year it will be. This is your year".  It is a moment like that I never want to forget.

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